Nicola Peltz Beckham

“Rebecca’s Detox Massage is truly healing. You truly see a difference after a session with her. She’s such an incredible girl and so hardworking. I know she’s going to do amazing things in life!”

Candace Cameron Bure

“I never knew the difference a massage could make. Rebecca’s technique has been a game-changer for my body. I eat well and am very active in fitness. However, toxins and water retention are real. I see Rebecca to keep my body working at its peak condition!”

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

“I have been enjoying getting lymphatic massages from Detox by Rebecca! I have seen instant and amazing results from her Brazilian detox technique!”

Olivia Culpo

“I’m on a plane pretty much once a week, so I’m constantly trying to combat jet lag and inflammation. The treatment is like hitting a reset button for me – I have it twice a month! I feel lighter.”

Chloe Grace Moretz

“Detox by Rebecca is more than just a health treatment; it is a life-changing step to make. You will not only look more glowing and less bloated, but you will have more energy and a clearer mind, all around feeling rejuvenated. She keeps me going with my busy schedule and has become a real friend …

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Addison Rae

“Rebecca has this aura that’s so attractive. She’s so professional and educated about what she does and has this irresistible personality. Rebecca stands out to me because she’s always explaining what she’s doing and why it’s helpful to my body. I’ve learned so much about my body and want to take even more care of …

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